Moringa Tea

The Moringa Leaves are the main ingredient for making Moringa tea. Moringa is used to lead a healthy life style because it is packed with Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin A, B, C, E, numerous flavonoids and nutrients. Mainly Moringa Leaves contains flavonoids, which is antioxidant compound naturally occurring in the plant. Moringa Tea is used for the refreshment. Consume Moringa powder regularly not like by everyone because of it greenish taste. So we offer Moringa in different form. The Moringa Tea is one which on the top sales in our Moringa Product.

We offer Moringa tea in 8 assorted flavors. They flavors are Moringa Apple cinnamon flavor, Moringa Strawberry flavor, Moringa Lemon flavor, Moringa Original flavor, Moringa Mint flavor, Moringa Ginger flavor, Moringa Pomegranate flavor, Moringa Green flavor. Each flavor has its own taste. For our different flavor we collect the flavor ingredient from the native place of that product. For example we collect ginger pieces are specially sourced from the Malabar regions and they add a very special taste to the infusion. This is reason for our Moringa Tea is best quality product. We offer Moringa tea in tea bags. We covered Moringa tea bag by foiled envelope to protect the flavor. Moringa Tea is not only used as refreshment it also used as healthy drink.