Moringa Fruit Powder

Moringa Fruits commonly known as the ’Drumsticks’ find an important place in many Asian countries curry dishes. The Moringa fruit has rich nutritive values and also adds a strong taste to the curries. The Moringa pods are carefully plucked from the trees, and are then washed and allowed to dry under shadow drying conditions.

Natural Moringa Fruit Powder

Moringa Fruit powder is 100 % pure. The matured Moringa Fruit is arranged and cut in to small pieces and shadow dried. Then the dried Moringa fruit is crushed to get the powder. Then obatined fruit powder is then sieved and packed. The Moringa Fruit powder is very rich in Nutrients. Moringa Fruit powder has enormous nutritional values thus the Regular intake of Moringa Fruit powder as a natural food supplement will help to maintain the nutritional level of the body. Moringa Fruit Powder have the chemical compounds with antibiotic and antioxidant properties that can improve and boost up the human body natural immune system.